Only $298 for the Entire Season!*

That’s right – for 6 months of the year (November – April), from first to last snowfall 2” or greater.

Currently, we service the L4M and L9X postal code areas – that’s Midhurst & North Barrie.
Please note: we do not service busy streets, such as: Hanmer St., Livingstone St., Cundles Rd., Ferris Lane, St Vincent St. (outside of the Midhurst area), Finlay Mill Rd., etc. Not sure if we’re in your area? Send us a message.

**Please help us out by booking early so that we can plan our staff, equipment, and routes – it would be greatly appreciated.

The Math:

Most people spend an average of 35 hours per Winter shovelling their driveway in the nasty cold. That means that you’ll only be saving $8.50 per hour ($298/35hrs. = $8.50/hr.) by doing it yourself. Save time and your back … let us help!

Why So Cheap?

Don’t let the price confuse you … it’s all a part of the business plan! We’re hoping to get as many houses on board as possible, in the same areas, so that we can spend less time travelling from driveway to driveway. We have 3 brand new Ag tractors and reliable operators (Chris, David, and Earl) to help get the job done. Actually, our “guys” are skilled and professional, earning a competitive wage with a guarantee for the whole Winter … even if it doesn’t snow! They’re ‘top guns’ and a huge part of our commitment to provide great service.

What’s So Cool About Our Tractors?

  • GPS tracking devices so that we can see how our drivers are progressing through their route and to make sure no driveways are missed
  • Blowers, not plows, which means that we don’t leave behind any piles – we have flexibility in terms of the placement of snow; we don’t just push it
  • Plastic TIVAR© edges on the blowers to be gentle on your drive and eliminate the possibility of scrapes

Still Have Questions?

Check Out Our FAQs

What areas do you serve?

Currently, we service the L4M and L9X postal code areas – that’s Midhurst & North Barrie. Please note: we do not service busy streets, such as: Hanmer St., Livingstone St., Cundles Rd., Ferris Lane, St Vincent St. (outside of the Midhurst area), Finlay Mill Rd., etc. Not sure if we’re in your area? Send us a message.

Are all driveways the same price?

All driveways that park less than 8 cars are the same price – only $298 + hst for the entire season. If you have a larger driveway, please contact us for a custom quote.

What is the length of the contract?

Our service covers the entire Winter season (November – April) from first to last snowfall, including Christmas & New Years!

How much snow needs to fall before the tractors roll?

Our tractors hit the road when we receive 2” of snow, or greater. No need to call.

In an average season, how many times do you service a customer?

On average, we service a customer 30-50 times per season … all for one low price. There is no seasonal limit.

When will my driveway be cleared?

We do our absolute best to clear your driveway as soon as possible. However, we cannot predict the snow – the later it starts, the later we start; there is no set start time each day. Our start time depends on when the snow began accumulating, the current conditions, and weather predictions for the day. Please see points 4 and 5 under Terms & Conditions.

Do you do repeat clean-ups after city plows?

Yes, following large snowfalls only, we will do a repeat clean-up to remove the mound left at the end of your driveway by the city plows. Please keep in mind – we must finish our entire route prior to any repeat clean-ups.

Do you offer path shovelling?

No, unfortunately we do not offer path shovelling at this time.

Do you salt?

No, salting is not offered as part of our DrivewaySnow service.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

How close will the tractor go to objects, like cars parked in the driveway and garage doors?

Our equipment will not clear closer than 1 foot to objects in and around the driveway; we want to protect your property, and ours.

What if snow is being blown onto a neighbours’ property?

Let us know! We will bring it to the attention of our operators to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Can I submit a “Special Request” for driveway clearing?

Yes, if you are having a special event and need your driveway to be cleared by a specific time, please give us notice and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Please sign-up and pay online, so that you get into our system right away. If you do not have access to a computer or credit card, we will accept a cheque or cash – please send us an email and we’ll arrange for a pick-up.

Our Terms & Promise To You


  1. Contractor agrees to provide driveway snow removal services for Customer for Winter 2017/2018 from first to last snowfall.
  2. Contractor agrees to commence removing snow when 2 inches (5 cm) or greater has fallen. When snowfall is forecasted or anticipated to be less than 4 inches (10 cm), Contractor will wait until the end of storm to commence clearing.
  3. Contractor agrees to remove fresh fallen snow from driveway within 12 hours after the end of snowfall. Ongoing snowfalls may require more than one visit to remove snow.
  4. If snowfall exceeds 6 inches (15 cm) in a single snowfall, Contractor’s ability to keep up with snow removal may be impeded or exceeded until snowfall has stopped. In such events, snow clearing will continue during snowfall and after storm has ended, however, delays are to be expected.
  5. Contractor agrees to return to clean up end of driveway (i.e. after Township plows have done roads) one time within 12 hours after the end of large snowfalls only (6″/15cm).
  6. Contractor is not responsible for clearing snow that has fallen or has been shovelled off roof, or placed on driveway by means other than naturally falling snow during a snowstorm.
  7. Contractor will make every effort to get as close to obstacles, buildings, landscaping materials, vehicles, etc. as is safely possible. If vehicles or other objects impede snow clearing, Contractor will remove snow around them to the best of their ability. Contractor reserves the right to refuse to provide services due to inaccessibility to Customer property.
  8. Contractor will be liable for damage caused by negligence of its operator. Contractor will not be responsible for damage caused to or by hidden objects, objects buried under snow (some that may become projectiles), unmarked objects, uneven driveway, etc.
  9. Contractor is not liable for damage caused to driveway surface due to normal operation of equipment when providing services. The nature of snow clearing is to run a large steel blade across a smooth (or relatively smooth) surface. Scratches and scrapes may occur on driveway surface. Uneven surfaces caused by frost heaves or poor workmanship may be chipped, broken, or otherwise damaged by equipment. We have installed, at additional cost, plastic TIVAR® edges on our blowers.
  10. We, the Contractor, will use our stakes to mark the edges of your drive and you, the Customer, agree to allow us to do so.
  11. The Contractor is not liable for slippery conditions or any personal accidents that may occur due to snow, ice, or melt and re-freeze.
  12. Customer driveway must be average size that parks less than 8 cars and not off of a busy street. Driveway size and location is subject to our, the Contractor’s, approval; if, for some reason, your driveway does not fit our specifications, we will refund your money.

*Based on the average driveway that parks less than 8 cars.

Sorry, we are no longer booking for 2017/18 Winter Season. 


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